S01E01 – Introducing the Coach Toads

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Follow us on our journey to see what life is like working full time on the road. David and Clarajane (CJ) have three small children… while Mike and Lisa’s children are grown up and out of the house. You’ll get a real-world perspective on how both families handle life on the road.

Mike and I have worked together for the same company for nine years. We have spent much of that time working remotely, from our home offices, and one day we were talking about the benefits of working remotely. That’s when the thought hit us — if we can work remotely from home, why can’t we work remotely from anywhere?

We immediately began the research into what it would take to purchase a motor coach that would fit our unique lifestyles and requirements. After a year, or so, we finally found our ideal coaches. We opted for older coaches, as we would be able to get high-end luxury coaches for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new… which would insure that we both got motorhomes that were solid in build and exceptional in quality. CJ and I landed a great American Eagle coach and Mike and Lisa found a great Fleetwood Revolution.

Over the coming months we’ll publish videos about everyday life, various tips we may run across, and also give our thoughts on how you might be able to experience this same lifestyle — without having to break the bank.

Because we both work full time, much of our week is dedicated to work… so please don’t expect the videos to come flying out the door every other day. We’ll create and post material as often as we can… but family and work will be our priorities.

We hope you enjoy our channel and are at least entertained by what we have to offer. Please don’t take it too seriously… just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Thanks for your time!

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